Australia's new $5 "Wattle" Series

$5 2016 Wattle Series $5 2016 Wattle Series


Standard or Regular Prefixes Only

Consecutive Pair - $15.00

Three to 10 Notes - $7.50 each.

Eleven Notes or more - $7.00 each

Section of 100 Notes - $500.00 Face Value plus $95.00 Service Fee.

Note: 1. Sections are not consecutively numbered and as issued by the Reserve Bank may contain several prefixes. For smaller orders consecutively numbered notes will be supplied where possible.

Note: 2. Postage will vary depending on the size of the order and destination.

Australia’s new “ Next Generation Wattle” series of banknotes commenced on 1 September 2016 (Wattle Day) with the release of the new $5. Each note in the series will include a different type of wattle in its design. As can be seen from the images of the $5 security has been substantially upgraded in comparison with the existing issue. Tactile features are now included. Design is modified to update the note and to accommodate the enhanced “top to bottom security window”. Other values in the series will issue progressively although no timetable has yet been announced.

Patience will be required in sourcing quantities of the First (AA16) and Last (as yet unknown) prefixes as the Reserve Bank has advised it has discontinued its mail order service as matter of course.

Notes are available in an official folders. One folder contains a single 2016 Wattle Series $5 whilst a second contains a single 2016 Wattle Series $5 AND a 2015 former series 2015 dated $5. Prefixes are mixed.

Dimensions: 130mm width by 65 mm height.