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Issue: 10 Reais
Background:Brazil commemorated 500 years of European discovery and colonisation by Portugal in 2000 with the issue of a 10 Reais polymer note.

Banco Central do Brazil, the issuer, had the notes printed locally by official security printer, Casa da Moeda (CdM) on Guardian polymer substrate supplied by Securency. The note was designed by Tereza Regina Barja Fidalgo, with graphics by Marise Ferreira da Silva, together with staff from the Currency Management Department of Banco Central.

Jose dos Santos Barbosa, Head of Currency Management Department of the Banco Central announced at the time of issue that " We are introducing 125 million plastic notes this year and another 125 million in 2001, in order to monitor their performance, as well as the public's general perception …We are not thinking about changing all currency in circulation for now, but if the test goes well, we could consider this opportunity."

In January 2001 a variety of this note appeared (see below). These notes commenced with the serial prefix A0587.

Brazil - P248 - 10 Reais - Front
Brazil - P248 - 10 Reais - Front
Brazil - P248 - 10 Reais - Front
Brazil - P248 - 10 Reais - Front
Back Back
Back Back

Description: The front of the note features the portrait of Pedro A. Cabral the Portuguese navigator who discovered Brazil on 22nd April 1500. "Terra Brazils" map, one of the first representations of the newly discovered land, shows examples of fauna and flora and the indigenous people going about daily tasks. To the left is an extract of a letter written by Pero Vaz de Caminha to the King of Portugal containing the first description of Brazil and its people. To the right of the note are 5 caravels (one in shadow form) representing Cabral's fleet. The Portuguese Cross of the Order of Christ features on the left and right extremities of the note.

Whilst the front of the note focuses on Cabrals' discovery, the back is more concerned with the modern day. A stylised map of Brazil of intaglio and offset printed squares is the central feature accompanied by faces representative of the various ethnic groups, which make modern day Brazil. Background designs relate to the three elements of government - the Executive, the Judiciary and the Legislature.

Security Features: Those discrete to this note include:
(a) Printed magnetic security thread.
(b) Clear window surrounded by a wind rose (a feature common to Portuguese maps for orientation purposes). Portion of the wind rose is incorporated in the window. Within the window itself is a red disc incorporating the denomination numeral "10" in relief to assist the visually impaired.
(c) The wind rose also acts as a perfect registration device. When held to the light, some parts of the rose will change colour.
(d) A metameric window filter whereby when the notes is lightly folder the "10" within the red disc matches with a "10" in the sails of one of the caravels. This is incorporated as a self authenticating device.
(e) A Portuguese glazed tile at Cabriole's right shoulder contains the letters "B" and "C", for Banco Central, as a latent image, which appears when the note is viewed horizontally in strong light.
(f) Shadow image of a caravel above denomination numeral "10" at right front.
(g) Fine images produced by computer graphics forming the background of the note.
(h) Micro-printing on the front of "B", "C" and "10" and on the back "BRASIL 500 ANOS" and abbreviations of the States of Brazil.
(i) Both serial number and signature areas lack the protection overcoating (similar to the Thailand 500B and the Malaysia 50 Ringgit) thus creating a security feature.
(j) Denomination Numeral "10" as background to the "Terra Brasilis" map fluoresces under Ultra -Violet light.

Variety Differences: The following changes were made to the second printing:
(a) Pedro A. Cabral is now spelt in full - Pedro Alvares Cabral.
(b) "DUES SEJA LOUVADO" ("God is Praised" - which frequently appears on Brazilian notes) at the top left of Cabral is now in a greater contrasting orange print.
(c) Latent image of "B" and "C" at bottom left front is emphasised.

Catalogue No:SCWPM P248. The second variety is currently not listed.
Precise Date of Issue22nd April 2000. Note is undated but bears legend 1500 - 2000.
Numbers Issued:250 million over two years - 2000 & 2001.
Prefix Range:Not known. Starts at A0001, Second variety starts at A0587
Signature:President of Banco Central Do Brazil - Armino Fraga.
Minister of Finance - Pedro Malan.
Colour:Orange and blue.
Dimensions:140 x 65 mm.
Printer:Casa da Moeda (CdM) on Guardian polymer substrate supplied by Securency on a press ready basis.
Specimens:Officially numbered specimens (eg 0431) of both varieties with A0000000000 D serial number exist. They seldom appear on the market.
Replacements:None known. Brazil does not currently use replacements on its paper notes.
Country Ranking:Brazil is the 15th country to issue an NPA based polymer note.
Printing Method:Intaglio.
Sheet size:Not available (production process only).
Product:Folder (100,000) issued. Serial number range from
A0001000001 D to A0001100000 D.