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Issue: 50 New Taiwan Dollar
On 15th June 1999 Taiwan issued a polymer note in commemoration of 50 years of issue of the New Taiwan Dollar (NT$). The NT$ represented 40,000 of the old currency on its introduction on 15th June 1949 by the Central Bank of China.

Following the end of World War II, Taiwan (Formosa) was returned to China after 50 years of Japanese rule. On 8th December, 1949 it became the last remnant of Dr Sun Yat-sen's Republic of China when President Chiang Kai-shek relinquished sovereignty over the mainland to the communists under Mao Tse-tung and re-formed his government on the island of Taiwan.

Currency of the Republic of China (Taiwan Administration) was issued in Taiwan from 1946 and following the introduction of the NT$ in 1949 a new series was introduced. The highest denomination under the old currency was $100000 which represented NT$2.5 upon conversion. Under the NT$ system, notes of 1, 5, 10 and 50 Cents and 1, 5, 10 and 100 NT$ (Yuan) were introduced.

The 1999 NT$ 50 was printed in Taiwan by the Taiwan Printing Works on made to order, ready to print substrate supplied by Securency in Melbourne.

Taiwan - P1990 - 50 New Taiwan Dollars - Front
Taiwan - P1990 - 50 New Taiwan Dollars - Front

Images of the NT$1 of 1949 and the NT$ as used in 1999 issue appear on the front of the note. It is not uncommon for images of coins to appear on banknotes however banknotes are rarely incorporated in the design. Taiwan was an agriculture based economy in 1946; infrastructure development is emphasised with road networks, a bridge, electricity cables and a "bullet train" also shown on the front along with space technology by way of a satellite.

The back underscores economic development over the past 50 years with rice harvesting, a passenger train and the modern premises of the Central Bank of China.

Security Features:

Those discrete to this note include:
(a) Clear window containing an Optically Variable Device (OVD) in the form of the Taiwan ROC flag in gold imposed on the outline of a gold flower blossom on a gold disc.
(b) Gold embossed denomination numeral "50" at top left front.
(c) Shadow image of denomination on back of note to right of building.
(d) Perfect registration device in form of a flower blossom to right of seals (front) and to left of building (back).
(e) Micro-printing of "THE REPUBLIC OF CHINA" in English and Chinese in one line below and to left of "bullet train" on front of note.
(f) A "50" fluoresces in red at the top and at the bottom of the bank building on the back of the note.

Catalogue No:SCWPM P1990.
Precise Date of Issue:15th June 1999.
Numbers Issued:30 million pieces according to the Bank.
Prefix Range:Not known. "A", "B" and "M" have been observed. Each note has an alpha suffix after a 6 digit number. Many letters of the alphabet have been observed as suffixes for the "A" prefix and only a few earlier letters for "B" which suggests that the 30 million notes were made up of "A" and "B" prefixes. "M" therefore seems out of sequence. There is more to be learnt.
Signature:Seal (chop) of General Manager (Left) and Managing Director (Right).
Colour:Pink and grey.
Languages:Chinese and English with Western numerals for denomination.
Dimensions:166 x 72 mm.
Printer:Taiwan Printing works on Guardian polymer substrate supplied by Securency.
Specimens:Presumed to exist.
Replacements:None known.
Country Ranking:Taiwan is the 12th country to issue an NPA based polymer note.
Printing Method:Intaglio.
Sheet size:Not available (production process only).
Product:Folder issued. I do not believe there is any difference in the folder variety or if specific prefixes were used.